Fix is a documentary filmmaker, photographer and geographer specialized in adventure and natural history. He has joined expeditions all over the world and has always made a point to try to document the most inaccessible places on the planet. Walking the line between adventure and science, one topic, however, can be found throughout his work: exploration! Fix was named by the Canadian Geographic Society one of Canada’s 100 greatest explorers. In the past 3 years, he has been focusing his career on an exploration and natural history TV series called “Terres d’Exploration” (Uncharted Canada) as the film director and host. For this project, he has worked with producer Magali Gillon on showcasing Canada’s incredible nature and the people that study and explore it.
As a photographer, he has worked with Canadian Geographic Magazine, Outside Magazine, The National Geographic Society, Maclean's magazine, Canada's History Magazine, Owl Magazine, National Parks Magazine, Kootenay Mountain Culture, Coast Mountain Culture, Mountain Equipment Coop, Mountain Life Magazine, Explore Magazine, Backpacker Magazine, Backcountry Magazine, Ski Canada, The Globe and Mail, Réponses Photo, The Seattle Times, Outdoor Research, Sidetracked, American Forests, Canadian Wildlife Magazine, The Wilderness Committee
+1 604 720 8676
Vancouver, BC
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